加賀農業協同組合本店・中央支店 / 2020

Co/w. BANKnote, 浦建築研究所, マツハ設備設計研究所









The client is an organization that has been working with the local community under the corporate slogan of “To the place of production with a smile,” and is responsible for connecting food and agriculture to the future as a regional infrastructure.

The site, which overlooks the Hakusan mountain range in the distance to the southeast, is located in the center of a peaceful rural area. It was created as a place where one can feel the sensation of standing in the midst of a landscape with views of the countryside and distant mountains.

The building is made up of three volumes stacked and they are displacing each other.

In this area, where it rains a lot and snows in winter, the extra spaces created by the misalignment provide a comfortable and rich environment that is connected to the outside, such as a practical space under the eaves where people can enter and exit without getting wet, a parking space for company use, a balcony that can be used even in stormy weather, and a space to enjoy the surrounding scenery through the gap created by the misalignment. The building provides a comfortable and rich environment connected to the external space.

In addition, they are used as a communication space to create connections between people, and is provided on each floor. The communication space is intended to be an opportunity to connect people to people and people to agriculture with the aim of developing local agriculture.

Each floor is connected to the communication space by a shaft that runs through the displaced volumes.

The shafts have openings at various heights and in various directions, allowing the sun to shine in from various directions as time goes by, and providing views of the surrounding landscape as one moves up and down.

As a facility that supports local agriculture and drives the local economy, we hope that this building will function as a landmark for agriculture-related facilities, both in terms of scenery and psychology, and contribute to the securing of excellent human resources and the future development of local agriculture.

Photo: Kazuyuki SAKAMOTO/Studio ShinSha